Rock Chemical Industries (Malaysia) Sdn Berhad (previously known as Rock Chemical Industries (Malaysia) Berhad) was incorporated on 30 January 1973 in Malaysia under the Companies Act, 1965 as a private limited company under the name of Rock Chemical Industries (M) Sdn Bhd. In 1975, it commissioned its first plant to locally produce white portland cement to replace imported white cement. In November 1989, Rock Chemical Industries (M) Sdn Bhd was converted into a public listed company and assumed its present name. Rock Chemical’s shares were officially listed on Bursa Malaysia (previously known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) Second Board on 28 June 1990.


Rock Chemical was the sole white portland cement manufacturer in Malaysia and was a significant exporter of white portland cement in the East Asian region. Rock Chemical made a significant change in its corporate strategy and sold 60% of its shares in the white cement business in 2000, and the remaining 40% in 2002.

Rock Chemical diversified from manufacturing white portland cement into producing quicklime and hydrated lime in 1993. Rock Chemical today is principally involved in the quarrying of limestone and manufacturing and trading of lime based products and calcium silicate bricks. Rock Chemical’s lime operation is carried out mainly by RCI Lime Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rock Chemical. RCI Lime operates three 70mt/day lime kilns in Lahat and two lime kilns, with capacity of 250mt/day and 300mt/day, in Gopeng. Through its newly acquired subsidiary, Batamas Sdn Bhd, Rock Chemical is also involved in the manufacturing and trading of calcium silicate bricks.


RCI LIME (click here for more information)

RCI Lime is a leading supplier of quality lime products and is one of the largest producers of lime in Malaysia with operating facilities located in Lahat and Gopeng, both in the State of Perak.

RCI Lime acquired from Rock Chemical its lime operations in 1998 under an internal rationalization exercise to enable RCI Lime to focus on producing high quality calcium lime and value added lime based products such as quicklime, quicklime powder and hydrated lime.

Rock Chemical started its lime business in 1993 by setting up its first Chisaki lime kiln from Japan at its factory in Lahat, with a daily production capacity of 70 mt/day quicklime. Due to overwhelming demand, a similar second kiln and a 100 mt/day hydration plant were constructed in 1994 and a third kiln added in 1996. To ensure constant limestone supply and consistency in quality, RCI Lime has its own limestone quarry at Gopeng.


In late 2001, RCI Lime embarked on an expansion plan to install a new state-of-the-art kiln and a hydration plant next to its quarry in Gopeng. The new Italian Cimprogetti lime kiln was commissioned in January 2003 to produce 250 mt/day of quicklime and 8 mt/hour of hydrated lime. The second Cimprogetti lime kiln with the capacity of 300 mt/day was subsequently constructed in early 2005 and completed in February 2006. With the new added capacity, RCI Lime have a total combined production capacity of 760 mt/day of quicklime and 290 mt/day of hydrated lime thus making the company one of the most efficient and productive lime producers in Malaysia.

RCI Lime has attained the ISO 9002 certification for its Lahat plant. A central laboratory is located at the Gopeng plant which supports and qualifies the quality of both Lahat and Gopeng plants. The laboratory has the capability to conduct research and performance testing for many end user applications of the company’s products.



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